• How to seal clamshell packaging

    How to seal clamshell packaging

    What’s clamshell packaging? Clamshell packaging is a type of blister card packaging which use two piece blisters to realize the sealed package. Sealing methods There are three common different methods for clamshell sealing package. button seal: by forming the concave an...
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  • Anchuang was invited to attend the 2019 Malaysia food & packaging exhibition

    Anchuang was invited to attend the 2019 Malaysia food & packaging exhibition

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur international food, packaging and processing machinery show 2019 was held on July 18, 2018 at PWTC exhibition centre, Kuala Lumpur. This exhibition lineup is strong, covers an area of 18000 square meters, more than 200 companies from various countries participate in the exhi...
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  • Use of blister packaging machine

    Use of blister packaging machine

    The toothbrush Packing Machine is a synchronous fuse machine and a high-frequency equipment. It is mainly used for product processing that needs to be welded and must be cut simultaneously. The working principle is to use the pressure device equipped with the welding and reflow machine to cut at ...
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  • The new trend of packaging machine and its development direction

    The principle of “surviving the fittest and eliminating the unsuitable” applies to all groups, including the packaging machinery industry. With the continuous development of society, packaging machinery that cannot keep up with market demand will face a crisis of survival. Nowadays, t...
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  • How to maintain the packaging machine

    We all know that our packaging machine products need to be maintained during daily use. Otherwise, the machine is prone to failure or reduced packaging efficiency. In order to make better use of the packaging machine, daily maintenance is very necessary, so what should be paid attention to in the...
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