AC-120B Cartoning Machine small box packing machine

Short Description:

1.Horizontal cartoning packing machine widely used in various industries
2.worker place the product or feeding automatically
3.adopt glue box or top/bottom closure box

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Box shape:

AC-120B Cartoning Machine small box packing machine (3)


1)PLC automatic control system, transducer, electrical components are international famous brand.
2)Use man-machine interface operating system.
3)Automatically stop when machine is overload.
4)Automatically reject the product lacking of package and manual.
5)Automatically display trouble, alarm and count finished products.
6)Stable performance and easy operation.

Working process:

Auto product feeder/worker place the product— automatic forming the box–automatic pushing the product into the box–fold the box ear /apply the glue to the box—closure the box— packed box transfer by conveyor
(gluing machine, labeling machine, ink-jet printer can be added optional)


Mode AC-120B
Speed ≤100pcs/min
Carton requirement 250-400g/㎡
voltage 220V/380V,50HZ
power 1.5KW
dimension L3500*W1650*H1800MM
weight 1500kg
Air pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption 20m³/H
Gluing machine Optional
Instruction folding machine ( optional ) Paper weight 60-80g/㎡
Paper dimension L(90-200)*W(80-200)
 can be folded four times

Machine configuration:

No. Name Specification Brand Quantity
1 PLC SIMATIC S7-200 Siemens 1
2 PLC extended module SIMATIC Siemens 1
3 Encoder E6B2 Omron 1
4 Touch screen SIMATIC 700ie Siemens 1
5 Transducer SIMATIC v20 Siemens 1
6 Optical sensor E3Z-D61 Omron 1
7 Motor R17DRS80S4 Germany sew 1
8 Dividing box 0S83-4L-180 Zhejiang Zhongli 1
9 Button XB2 Schneider 3
10 Emergency stop ZB2 BC4D Schneider 1
11 Intermediate relay LY2M 24V Omron 5
12 AC contactor GML-12 Korea LG 1
13 Proximity switch LJ12A3-4-Z1BX Omron 2
14 Air source treatment unit AW30-03E AirTAC 1
15 Solenoid valve VQZ3121-5G1-02 AirTAC 3
16 Vacuum negative pressure solenoid valve VQ21A1-5G-C8 AirTAC 2
17 Vacuum generator ZH20DS-03-04-04 AirTAC 2
18 Plastic foam muffler AN402-04 AirTAC 2
19 Air cylinder (press the box) CXSM25-30 AirTAC 1
20 Air cylinder (reject waste) CDJ2B16-75Z AirTAC 1
21 Air cylinder (open the clip) CQ2A20-15D AirTAC 1
22 Magnetic switch D-M9BL AirTAC 2
23 Cover Stainless steel Shanghai 1 set


AC-120B Cartoning Machine small box packing machine (2)

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